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Safety 101: Tips for Cleaning a Gun Safely

cleaning a gun

Cleaning a gun can seem like an innocent maintenance activity. But when not done with proper precautions, cleaning a weapon can be deadly. To keep yourself and your family safe while cleaning your guns, be sure to follow this guide.Be in an Empty Room While Cleaning a GunShould your gun accidentally fire, you want to […]

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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Gun Safe

buying a gun safe

There’s no doubt about it: you need protection in today’s day and age. Every year in the United States, homeowners report over 2 million burglaries. That’s over 2 million opportunities for someone to come into your home and hurt you or those you love. However, an unprotected gun is just as dangerous. If you want to […]

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How Often Should You Clean Your Gun?

how often should you clean your gun

Gun ownership is a very personal experience that can vary greatly from one person to the next. One typical question gun owners often have is: how often should you clean your gun? This will depend upon your preferences, as well the type of ammunition you use, and the gun itself. Are you using it primarily […]

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The Top 5 Benefits of Owning a Gun

benefits of owning a gun

You’ve heard it plenty of times before: America is crazy about guns. So aside from flexing their 2nd Amendment rights, why are people so drawn to firearms in the US? Why is gun ownership so popular? In truth, there are many benefits of owning a gun — and some that may surprise you. Here are […]

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