Dillon Precision RL550B Progressive Reloading Machine Review

Dillon Precision RL550B Progressive Reloading Machine Review

If you own guns and worry about the costs of ammunition these days, it is time that you consider investing in a quality reloading press. You might expect the reloading process to be difficult but the truth is that the learning curve is minimal and if you purchase one that is high quality, you can trust that the whole procedure will go smoothly without kinks along the way.

To get started with your search, you should read some reviews. Here is a review of the Dillon Precision RL550B Progressive Reloading Machine.


  • Shellplate kit in the caliber your prefer and includes locator buttons, a powder funnel and shellplate
  • Powder measure with regular big (55-60 grains powder) and small (2.1-15 grains powder) powder bars
  • Priming system with big and small priming components
  • Includes 1 big and 1 small primer pickup tube
  • Low primer alarm
  • Includes 1 toolhead, 1 powder die, 1 loaded cartridge bin, and a set of regular Allen wrenches
  • Instruction manual included


When it comes to buying a reloader press, it pays to be armed with the correct knowledge about the product to guarantee that you will invest in a quality model that will rightfully fit your needs.

Reading reviews will help you go the right path. The Dillon RL550B has garnered good reviews thus far and here is what we have to say about the model.

The unit comes with 4 stages that every brass case has to undergo and will result in new bullets for future use. The initial station involves resizing the casing, taking away the used primer and positing a new one.

The new primer will prepare the brass for the subsequent stage which is the powder refill. The powder hails from the hopper and will be measured automatically by the device. This in turn will save you lots of time and make the entire procedure safe too.

The next step involves positioning the bullet on the brass. This is done by manual means: when the shell plate is loaded with the four brasses after the earlier cycle, users will have to set the ammo by pressing on the lever.

To conclude the procedure, the crimping station guarantees that the bullet is seated correctly and then releases the bullet into the tray automatically.

The unit also comes with a primer magazine which contains new primers required for the procedure. Whenever the new primers are taken away from the box, a number of them will be upturned and this is the time to make use of the pickup tube. This pickup tube is a nice device for gun owners to use so they can go through their primers with ease in the correct positioning prior to loading into the magazine.

The unit’s priming assembly can manage big and small primers since there are two pickup tubes available: one for small primers and one for the bigger items.

The RL550B also comes with a removable tool head which allows users to reload a variety of calibers with ease. The dies are fastened to the tool head and can be taken away without hassle by taking out the pins that clutch it in place and slipping it away from the structure.

This feature also gives users the ability to have preset die sets primed with the tool head. If you want, you can get additional tool heads from the company so you can get one anytime you are required to replace calibers.

The model is capable of reloading more than 160 calibers from pistols and rifles and can take on roughly 500 rounds for every hour based on the caliber. It has a durable, heavy-duty construction and is made with excellent materials.

The RL550B also comes with an instruction manual that is easy to follow complete with online video guides. Lastly, it is backed by a lifetime warranty too.


One disadvantage of the product is that it is it costs a bit more compared to other similar products. You have to purchase dies individually as well. The assembly is a bit complicated for beginners too but for experienced users, the setup will offer no problems. For safety and all-around functionality, the unit requires maintenance.


The Dillon Precision RL550B Progressive Reloading Machine is designed to offer a smooth means to reload ammo. This is an ideal product for the advanced reloaders who like working on several calibers. If you are on the lookout for a worthy press to invest on, this model is a great option.