Hornady LNL AP Bullet Feeder Review

Hornady LNL AP Bullet Feeder Review

If you are somebody who is serious about shooting, you will already know all of the benefits of a reloading press. Shooting is one activity that does not come cheap. In fact it is better to spend the money on quality equipment.

Even though there are different ways to reload ammo, with all sorts of equipment, a reloading press is one of the better options available to you. In addition a quality bullet feeder is going to make all the difference to shooting.

The best bullet feeder we have recently discovered is the Hornady LNL AP Bullet Feeder.

If you are searching for a shooting accessory that is really going to make a huge difference, then look no further. This impressive bullet feeder is a really good investment to make. It will make things much easier and shooting will be a more pleasant experience.

This is the answer for increasing both reloading speed and efficiency. If you have experience in this regard, you can expect to see as much as a 50 percent increase in both your speed and your efficiency.


  • Compatible with 22 caliber units
  • Conversion kit for 30 caliber bullets is available
  • Compatible with other presses
  • Accommodates various cartridge sizes
  • The die is fully case activated
  • The bullet will only feed with contact with the case
  • It has an automatic shut off
  • Created for the Lock-N-Load AP reloading press


  • Easy to adapt to a 30 caliber conversion
  • No need to worry about bullet tipping
  • The seating die system is efficient once adjusted
  • Only one station is used to seat, feed and crime bullets
  • Change overs are very easy
  • Safe and secure
  • Strong
  • Will last for years to come
  • Fit for purpose
  • Unbeatable quality


  • Crimping doesn’t work that well
  • May be challenging to set up
  • Needs to be bought separately from the Hornady Pistol Bullet Feederm as the die bodies and hopper system are not compatible
  • Cast lead bullets can’t be used


We genuinely found that the Hornady LNL AP Bullet Feeder was one of the very best on the market to date. It comprises of everything that is needed and for an experienced shooter, it is easy to figure out in no time.

If you are beginner, it may take some time to configure out, understand and set up but once you get past it, you will soon discover all the benefits. In terms of the quality of the product, it truly is one of the best on the market to date.


Even though we were very impressed with this product, we wanted to see how it measured up to similar products on the market. In order to compare it to other products, we had to take all the features, specifications, pros and cons into careful consideration.

In addition we needed to ensure that we did our research correctly. We therefore took it upon ourselves to spend considerable amounts of time and energy exploring all the other products.

We found two similar products that we decided to examine in greater detail. We ensured that we evaluated these products on an individual basis. We gave them both a very fair chance.

The two products that we decided to compare it to was the Dillon Precision Progressive Reloading Machine and the RCBS Pro Chucker 5 Progressive Reloading Press.

Firstly we took a look at the Dillon Reloading Machine. This looked like a really good product. It is a 2 stage progressive machine, and it is able to load over 120 different calibers.

The fact that it was able to load so many calibers to us was a very impressive feature. In addition, it is able to load both pistol and rifle cartridges making it almost ideal. It comes very well packed with many extras and everything that you will need.

However there may sometimes be problems getting the primers to dispense efficiently from the primer tube. It also does not include a caliber conversion kit, which we found very disappointing.

Next we took a careful look at the RCBS Pro Chucker 5 Progressive Reloading Press. This is an excellent product that can really take your shooting to the next level.

It has an impressive five station automatic indexing, which ensures maximum levels of protection. This is the very first progressive press, which can easily be converted from a five to seven station operation quickly and easily.

Unfortunately some of the parts are plastic and the quality is not that great. The indexing arm and primer feed has a tendency to break. The quality we found was not up to our standards.

The truth is that all 3 products seemed to be fit for purpose. However upon further investigation and examination, we found some flaws that we unfortunately could not ignore.

We then took it upon ourselves to choose the winning product. The winning product has got to be the Hornady LNL AP Bullet Feeder.


Having done full comparisons of two other products, we needed to choose our winner. This was actually not a hard decision at all, as it was apparent to us, that the winning product had got to be the Hornady LNL AP Bullet Feeder.

No matter what way we looked at it, this product had more pros than cons. It also had many features which the other two products didn’t have.

One of the biggest winning features to us has got to be the quality. It certainly reached our very high quality standards but unfortunately we can’t say the same thing for the two other products.

If you are seriously looking to improve your shooting experience, you will not go wrong with the Hornady LNL AP Bullet Feeder. Even though it will take some time and effort to set up, once you have figured it all out, you will be very pleased with your purchase. It will take your shooting to the next level guaranteed.