Lee Precision Anniversary Challenger Kit II Review

Lee Precision Anniversary Challenger Kit II Review

Target shooting is probably one of the coolest hobbies and pastimes that you can be lucky enough to experience. It helps improve a person’s focus and presence of mind. At the same time, it compels you to work on your fitness as part of the training.

However, despite the fact that it is such an interesting activity, not a lot of people have the luxury to really get hooked to it, especially as a sport or hobby, because the equipment is rather expensive.

Fortunately, there’s a way to reduce the expense of your shooting gear, in particular that of your ammo supply. More and more gun enthusiasts are becoming interested in reloading their own ammo to cut the amount they spend on factory-made ammunition.

Reloading can be challenging for those who are not very mechanically inclined. The good thing is that there are reloading press units available that are rather easy to operate and very convenient to use.

Reloading experts highly recommend the single-stage reloading press for beginners because of its super simple mechanism. Aside from its easy operation, it also promotes precision and consistency when it comes to the quality of the rounds it produces.

The drawback to it, though, is it takes time to complete reloading all of your rounds. Some gun enthusiasts prefer to use something a little bit more advanced than the single-stage reloading press, something like the Lee Precision Anniversary Challenger Kit II.

Key Features

Lee is a well known brand in the industry and it has consistently provided high-quality products for many years. One of its trademarks is providing not just a standalone reloading press but the entire reloading kit.

The Lee Precision Anniversary Challenger Kit II is a bestseller and has received quite a lot of positive feedback from customers who’ve already tried the product.

  • Includes a very strong Challenger Press designed for precision and speed in reloading rounds
  • Full-length sizing brought by its compound leverage
  • Built-in Priming System
  • Well-designed powder handling system
  • Precise and accurate powder measure
  • 2 breech lock quick-change bushings
  • Extremely sharp cutter to trim cases. Also comes with lock stud
  • Add-ons include a primer pocket cleaner and a premium sizing lube


You won’t have to go through the trouble of acquiring all of the equipment you need for your reloading kit separately. With this Lee Challenger Kit II, everything you get everything you need in one package.

The most important component in this kit is the Challenger reloading press which is equipped for reloading almost all kinds of cartridges. It is a turret press that is designed with a 30-degree opening angle for easy access in changing dies.

It can also do full-length sizing on almost all sizes of magnum cases with its compound leverage mechanism. With this Challenger reloading press, you can reload your rounds with precise measurement and be consistent with the quality of the finished product.

This kit also includes tools for preparing the cases: a cutter with a lock stud which is used for clipping the cases, a cleaner for the primer pocket, a tool for the case mouth chamber, and premium sizing lubricant.

Another component of this kit is the Breech Lock Quick Change bushing which makes switching dies possible in just a matter of seconds.


Unlike most reloading kits in the market, this Precision Challenger Kit II from Lee is already a complete package. It has everything you are looking for to complete the task of reloading ammunition.

However, it is not entirely perfect. For example, the shell holder is not included in the kit and it needs to be bought separately. Also, the powder scale it comes with may have some lag in reading the weight.


The Lee Precision Anniversary Challenger Kit II features the Challenger press which is a remarkable turret press. Another popular turret press in the market is the Lyman T-Mag Turret Press which happens to be a bestseller as well.

Both are exceptional reloading machines and they both come in packages with reloading accessories. However, when it comes to the powder scale, Lee’s is more accurate and reliable.

More experts would recommend the Lee Precision Challenger Kit even though it is slightly more expensive than Lyman’s.


Why go to the trouble of getting each piece of reloading equipment one by one when there’s a kit that contains everything you need for reloading your ammunition? The Lee Precision Challenger Kit II is intended for that purpose and it would be smart to take advantage of its reasonable price.

The Challenger Press that it comes with is an impressive turret press that works perfectly with its case preparation tools, accurate digital scale, and primer. All in all, it’s an exceptional reloading kit that’s worth every last penny you invest in it.