Lee Precision Breech Lock Hand Press Kit Review

Lee Precision Breech Lock Hand Press Kit Review

For those who have not tried the procedure yet, reloading can be an intimidating pursuit. However, many have invested time and effort into learning how the whole system works just to acquire its benefits and have never looked back.

It is also an enjoyable pastime for lots of gun owners. However, like any other product, you have to make sure that you will get the right, high-quality model that will best fit your needs.

To begin your hunt for a good reloader press, read this review about the Lee Precision Breech Lock Hand Press Kit.


  • Portable reloading press kit model
  • Breech lock hand press
  • Ram prime and powder funnel
  • Includes case lube with Lee Precision press kit
  • Breech lock quick-change bushing
  • Can an accommodate overall length of 3.65 inches


The Breech Lock Hand Press Kit from Lee Precision is an affordable way to reload your ammo. This is the hand-press type which means you have to work with your hands a lot for the procedure.

Users are given the opportunity to reload their brass with similar bullets that are primed for use, like what you see from the likes of progressive reloading kits. However since everything has to be done manually, you have to take some time to accomplish this. If you do not mind the time it entails, then this product might be for you.

Reload Anywhere

This hand-press model also gives users the ability to reload anywhere they go. This is a portable press kit so you can travel with it. Progressive type presses need their items to be installed on workbenches but this Breech Lock Hand Press model can be taken anywhere you go, anytime.

Whenever you need to reload your ammunition, the very first steps you have to undertake is to get rid of the used primers then resize it so it will return to its original form. Next, you have to replace them with new primers.

You have to be sure that you will acquire the appropriate side on while it is being laid flat beneath the shell of the bullet. The belling procedure meanwhile makes it a lot simpler for the ammo to be seated, which is the third stage in reloading. After the seating cycle, you then tackle powdering.

Careful When Measuring Powder

Filling the bullets with powder is a painstaking procedure so you have to be very careful when measuring them. Keep track of the recommended quantity so as to steer clear of any accidents that will get in the way of the procedure. As soon as you accomplish the whole deal of filling the bullets with powder, you can then seat the ammo and crimp the brass.

The whole setup is portable so it will work for gun owners who do not have so much space at home to work on progressive reloading presses. It has an ample amount of space for reloading up to 3.65 inches of long brass and it is strong but not heavy at 2.5 lbs. The product is also wholly manufactured in the United States.

No Other Tools Needed

The company dies can be mounted and replaced quickly and you do not even need additional tools for the job. The company supplies the product with comprehensive instructions and does a great job when it comes to explaining correct usage of the dies.

During the procedure, the unit performs well as soon as you get familiarized with its workings. Its design makes for excellent leverage too and you do not have to apply lots of force on it.

Then again, what makes the whole setup great is that it does not need mounting on a bench. You can load your bullets anywhere you please. It is affordable as well and comes with a handy design that’s great for travel.


One negative of the Breech Lock Hand Press is that you have to purchase the dies individually. Manual reloading is the norm in each cycle and it does not even have a powder measure. As said earlier, everything has to be done the manual way.


The Lee Precision Breech Lock Hand Press is suggested for entry-level reloaders and gun owners who want to carry one in the range in case they have to do some reloading.

It has great build quality, comes with an affordable price and is extremely functional. If you do not mind all that manual work, this is something you need to invest in especially if you travel and target shoot in different locations.