Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit Review

Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit Review

People who are into hunting and shooting sport often face the question of whether to hand load their ammunition or not.

While target shooting is a fun and physically rewarding activity, it is also considered as a high-maintenance sport because of the expensive equipment and the amount of ammo you will need for practices and actual hunting trips.

This is why more and more people are considering reloading their own ammo so they won’t have to spend as much money on factory-made bullets as they used to. You will basically be recycling the brass you used for the previous ammo so it’s a lot cheaper.

Aside from being able to save a good amount of cash on ammo, there are other benefits to doing the reloading on your own. First of all, you will be able to make sure that you are putting together a bullet that is extremely accurate and of high quality.

Second, you have the freedom to experiment on your ammo and do some adjustments to improve the overall performance of your gun. Of course, you will need to do some research and make sure that you are following necessary precautions to make sure it’s still safe to use.

Third, it could also be a fun and worthwhile hobby that you can add to your hunting obsession. Once you decide to do it, you will need to find a reliable and efficient reloading machine, something like the Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit.

Key Features

Lee is a well known manufacturer of high-quality firearm equipment and accessories and one of its most popular products is the Classic Turret Press. It is designed for convenient and efficient reloading of handgun cartridges to make the job a lot easier for you.

Impressive Classic Turret Press with four stations

  • Fast reloading rate of up to 250 rounds an hour
  • Quick and precise caliber switching mechanism
  • Lee Safety Beam Scale with manual calibrations
  • Automatic Disk Powder Measure for assisting in clearing the priming arm
  • Safety primer feed to allow priming arms to suspend effectively
  • Case preparation basic tools with a cleaner for primer pocket, case trimming tool, and lubricant
  • Lever designed for maximum comfort for both right-handed and left-handed users
  • Compatible with Bench Plate System for added stability


There are a lot of turret presses available in the market but there are only a few models which are as impressive as the Precision Classic Turret Press from Lee. The name itself is enough to guarantee that it is a reliable product.

True enough, this Classic Turret Press exhibits amazing performance with its incredibly fast reloading rate which is capable of filling 250 rounds per hour.

The turret press is designed with four stations and its quick-change mechanism makes the operation smoother and faster. This press is designed with a Safety Primer Feed which works to effectively suspend the priming arms.

The Automatic Disk Powder Measure is added to assist in clearing the priming arm. This kit is put together to provide you the basic tools that you are going to need to complete the reloading task for your ammo.

It comes with a set of tools that you can use to prep the cases. These tools include the case cutter, cleaner for the primer cutter, chamfering tool, and case sizing lubricant. This press is also compatible with the Bench Plate System for additional stability.


This Classic Turret Press from Lee is efficient and easy to operate for both beginner and expert users alike. However, it is not exempted from having minor flaws. Its safety scale is not electronic and it needs manual calibration. Also, the Bench plate system for added stability needs to be purchased separately.


Lee and RCBS are two of the most popular names in the industry, and they are known to put up very competitive products in the market.

The Precision Classic Turret Press is one of Lee’s most popular models while the Rock Chucker Supreme Press is RCBS’s masterpiece. Both are very reliable reloading presses but the latter is a single stage press. In terms of reloading rate, the Classic Turret Press is a more practical option.


Lee is known for producing exceptional products and this Precision Classic Turret Press is definitely one of them. It is a powerful mid-range reloading press that delivers both precision and speed.

It is very easy to operate even if you are not a mechanically-inclined person. Aside from sporting an efficient reloading machine, it also provides you the basic tools that you need in order to complete your reloading task.

You won’t have to acquire all those items separately because this entire package has everything you need. And you can get it for a reasonable price.