Lyman Expert Kit Deluxe Review

Lyman Expert Kit Deluxe Review

When it comes to shooting, there are no shortcuts. Although there are some useful hacks and do it yourself projects, the truth is that investing money in quality equipment will really help to up your game. One of the best and most useful shooting accessories is a reloading tool.

A reloading tool can assist you in improving your shooting in terms of both speed and efficiency. One of the best kits which we have found is the impressive Lyman Expert Kit Deluxe. This is a sure winner for any shooting enthusiast.

It is no trade secret that a quality bullet feeder is going to make a significant difference to your shooting. However there are so many different products on the market that it may be difficult to decide which one to choose.

Instead of having to worry about which device is going to be the best, we have done all the hard research work for you.


  • All the best reloading tools in one package
  • 1500 Micro-Touch Scale
  • 9 pilots included with the universal case trimmer
  • Includes Lyman’s All new 49th Edition Reloading Handbook
  • Complete selection of quality equipment added


  • Contains many tools in one package
  • The powder scale is very accurate
  • Powder measure works very well
  • Contains everything you will need for your reloading
  • Excellent instructions
  • High quality
  • Very functional
  • Comes complete, others kits don’t
  • Safe and secure
  • Fit for purpose


  • Sometimes the turrent plate as you rotate it can loosen
  • The spring on the primer tool is a bit flimsy
  • If you are new to this, you will need to take time learning each item


We were very impressed with this product and felt it was certainly worth the investment. This kit is one of the only kits you will find that contains everything that you will need, unlike other kits, where you will need to purchase additional items.

It also is the first kit on the market to come fully equipped with a digital scale. This is a really fantastic selection of the very best reloading tools, which meets our quality standards and high expectations.

It is also one of the only kits which include the Universal Case Trimmer with 9 pilots. The Lyman’s All new 49th Edition Reloading Handbook is an excellent add on, that makes it almost perfect.


The truth is that we were super impressed with the Lyman Expert Kit Deluxe. It genuinely is a really good kit to invest in, as it has everything that you could ever need or require.

Not only does it come equipped with a great combination of products, but each individual product is a quality item which is fully fit for purpose. In order to ensure that this product was the very best on the market, we wanted to compare it to similar products before we reached a final decision.

In order to accomplish our goal, we decided to compare it to two similar products. We did our best to put in considerable amounts of time and energy to fully research the two other products. We wanted to give each product a very fair chance. We evaluated both of these products on an individual basis, in order to ensure clarity and fairness.

The two products that we decided to compare it to was the RCBS Pro Chucker 5 Progressive Reloading Press and the Dillon Precision Progressive Reloading Machine.

Firstly we took a careful look at the RCBS Pro Chucker 5 Progressive Reloading Press. This is a quality product that really can make all the difference with your shooting. We were very impressed as this is the only progressive press which is easily convertible from a five to a seven station operation. It has a great combination of everything that you could need.

Unfortunately the quality was not up to our high standards. We were also very disappointed because some of the materials was made from plastic. In terms of breaking and prospective hazards we found this to be quite problematic.

Next we took a look at the Dillon Reloading Machine. On the surface and upon initial examination, we couldn’t find any faults. This appears to be a really good product. In fact it can even load over 120 different calibers which are very impressive.

It is also able to load both rifle cartridges and pistols, which makes it almost perfect for use. The packaging is great and everything seemed to be in order.

However after looking at everything in more detail, we discovered that it does not include a caliber conversion kit. The primers also seem to be problematic which was disappointing.

After careful consideration, it was time to choose our winner. This was actually an easier to decision to make, than we initially thought it would be. Hands down, we found the Lyman Expert Kit Deluxe to be the winning product.

Not only does it have a great combination of features, but it also has more pros than cons. In terms of quality and meeting our very high standards, it exceeded our expectations.


Having done full comparisons of two other products, we needed to choose our winner. This was actually not a hard decision at all, as it was apparent to us, that the winning product had got to be the Lyman Expert Kit Deluxe.

Its quality stuck out to us as a sure winner. In comparison to the other products we genuinely feel that it is going to last longer. In fact it could end up lasting you for many years to come. We could not find any faults with this product.

It is an impressive package deal which comes with everything that you need. Both of the other products may require you to make additional purchases.

The fact that all the equipment is top quality is one of the reasons why we decided it had to be a sure winner. It comes with all the accessories needed in order to add both speed and versatility to your shooting.

The Lyman Expert Kit Deluxe is one of the very best products we have seen in this category. The Lyman’s All new 49th Edition Reloading Handbook is an amazing extra, which just adds even more reputability to this winning product.