Redding Reloading – T-7 Turret Press with Primer Arm Review

Redding Reloading - T-7 Turret Press with Primer Arm Review

Reloading on your own is a practice that plenty of gun owners do these days. The more serious ones are very much into it and enjoy all the steps related to the procedure.

Reloading is something that you should consider if you own guns or rifles since it has a range of benefits, among them saving a lot of money when it comes to ammo. One example of a reloading press is the Redding Reloading – T-7 Turret Press with Primer Arm, which we are going to review today.


  • 7-station turret head
  • Operating handle
  • Heavy-duty cast iron frame
  • Outstanding compound linkage with positive ram stop
  • 1-inch diameter ram
  • 4-3/4-inch press opening
  • Can accommodate regular 7/8-inch-14 threaded dies plus universal shell holders
  • Smart primer arm for taking in big and small primers (sold separately)


Redding’s T-7 turret press is used to load bullets and according to some experts, it’s one of the best in the industry when it comes to the turret style of reloading. This is a sizable model that packs quite a punch.

The unit in general doesn’t require much assembly: a few of its parts like the handle and locking nut should be slotted into position first before usage.

For turning the head, there is a convenient short rod with a knobbed end. All you have to do is slip it on one of the three holes provided into the turret’s border. Whenever the turret is turned, every die position clicks into position with a slight noise.

The ram handle comes with an even, 1.75-inch ball which has an ergonomic feel and the handle itself has a length of around 14 inches. The unit has a sizable compound linkage and produces a torque which offers an even stroke that can saw through bigger cases.

The unit has an opening of 4.75 inches with the ram possessing a 3.80-inch stroke. The 1-inch diameter ram comes with a bendable, transparent tube-shaped primer system which can be emptied if required. Furthermore, the body is composed of cast iron for durability and a heavy-duty feel.

One benefit of this unit is that it is capable of mounting a complete set of dies in a semi-permanent manner. If you want to take advantage of the most precision possible from handloads, it has the extra benefit of cataloging cases so it can put in dies in a steady method over the course of the loading procedure.

The case can be slotted into the shell holder before the sizing cycle. Gun owners can leave it there until after the seating cycle.

Following the sizing cycle, the case should be primed by the present priming arm. It is then powder-charged by means of an empty die position with the ram on top of the stroke.

Users can then position a funnel on top of the mouth of the cartridge and follow it up by pouring the powder charge. If you are systematic and consistent, you will not have any problems performing all cycles. Furthermore, taking away the cases to prime lets users tidy up the primer pocket if needed.

The unit has 7 die stations and offers sufficient room to mount dies for 2-3 caliber varieties. The heads are also exchangeable and let users utilize a number of heads with their choice dies on a lone press unit.


Users might have problems acquiring uniform primer seating due to the tight pockets for the primer even if the system is straightforward. Furthermore, the slide bar’s end was a tad too extended and this hinders the primer ram cup from falling into line with the shell holder holes.


The Redding Reloading – T-7 Turret Press with Primer Arm comes with a powerful structure and has an excellent design with great construction. It comes with all metal components and is sure to last for a long period of time and provide nice ammunition reloads.

It is significantly accurate and versatile too. This will fit the needs of amateur reloaders and experienced ones alike. If you have never considered reloading your own ammunition, this is the time to try it out. With products like the Redding T-7 you will have those procedures accomplished in no time without much hassle.