Reloading Presses: Which ones are the Best for Your Money?

Reloading Presses Which ones are the best for your money

People have a lot of different reasons why they prefer hand-loading of their own ammunition. Their reasons revolve around economy and the rewarding feeling you get after doing it. This is why there are a lot of tools to achieve the best results in this action.

However, there are also prices that go over the roof when we are talking about tools like reloading presses. And yet, there are many people who want the same job done but simply don’t want to give so much money for a single accessory.

We found several tools that will improve your reloading activities while being good for your wallet. Also, we guarantee that using any of these accessories will ease your reloading experience while saving you some money:

The Hornady Lock N Load Press

When choosing Hornady you cannot possibly go wrong. It does a wonderful job and it is extremely fast and strong!


  • It has three lock-n-load bushings for dies
  • It has a haft that is easily gripped
  • The lining system is lock-n-load and is extremely quick
  • It has a firm construction of the frame


  • It is a highly durable reloading press due to the strong construction
  • It can be used for a wide range of different calibers
  • It doesn’t require extra work or adjustments
  • It is tremendously fast
  • You can screw it in and out whenever you want and it is not fixated to the bench


  • It requires higher level maintenance
  • The design is a bit basic and average

We can easily say that the Hornady Lock-N-Load reloading press can be a great solution for those who are seeking to enjoy their time without facing a mess or high failure rate when they are reloading their brass. Additionally, it provides fast results and you will be able to say goodbye to the many hours you spend before you go shooting.


The Lee Precision Reloading Hand Press

The Lee reloading hand press is an extremely handy and helpful tool and is found to be very compact and easily transportable. You will be able to do your reloading in any place you like unlike with a mounting press.

In addition, the Lee reloading hand press has a breach-lock system that makes changing a die an easy job. If you are a newbie in the reloading hobby, you will most likely enjoy it!


  • It has a breach-lock system
  • It can handle a maximum length of 3.650 inches
  • It is perfectly suitable for handgun ammunition
  • It is very friendly for new reloaders
  • It comes in dimensions of 12,6 x 4,1 x 2,1 inches
  • It weighs 1,6 pounds


  • It is easy to use
  • It fastly changes dies
  • It reloads quickly
  • It is small and easily transportable
  • It rarely requires adjustments
  • You can reload everywhere because of its light weight


  • If you use bigger cartridge you might need to use more force
  • It requires emptying primers from the hole in the ram after around 200 cases
  • The clicking sound can be found as loud

You can use it with comfort for decapping in the harmony of your home or at the shooting range. It is the perfect reloading press if you want to spend time with your family or friends while doing your reloading.  And yet you will get perfect results.


Lee Reloading Press

If you were looking for a helpful and an effective reloading press, we have the tool just for you. This reloading press can be used for decapping and seating of your bullets and sizing them.


  • It can be used for a 7/8 x 14 thread die and universal press shell holders
  • It comes in dimensions of 6,6 x 12,2 x 2,5 inches
  • It works on a Breach-Lock system
  • You can operate with it with left or right hand
  • It has a “C” – shaped frame which provides spacious environment for your hands


  • It is highly durable due to the sturdy construction
  • It can be used for depriming and while doing so it can keep the carbon grit off your reloading press
  • It is small and it can be carried around easily


  • You might need to mount it on something else and not only on a working table because spent primers can get stuck – For that reason it is recommended that it is mounted to a piece of wood. You can do so by using C-clamp on two pieces of wood

It is clear that for your money you will get a product that gets the job done and you are less likely to use another press ever again.This reloading press is ideal for light duty work.



In conclusion we can say that all of these reloading presses are wonderful and highly useful, and these are the specific reasons that make them the best for you:

  • The Hornady Lock n Load Reloading Classic Press – Durability and Speed

What you get by obtaining the Hornady lock-n-load reloading classic press is fair accuracy and speed in a very durable product. It is highly recommended for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time reloading on the bench because it will definitely save your time

  • The Lee Precision Reloading Hand Press –Great for Newbies and it is Easily Transported

What makes the Lee hand reloading press best is the fact that it is definitely easy to use and it is rather helpful. You can move the hand reloading press around the house or at the range and it will become a very handy device.

  • The Lee Model 90045 – Accuracy and Effectiveness of your Reloading

The thing about the Lee model 90045 is that it works terrific and it is a great buy if you want to de-prime varieties of brass. It is very useful if you want a clean and effective working environment.

It doesn’t matter which reloading press of these you chose, their qualities are obvious – they are all very handy and helpful. And you will definitely spend much less money for a tool that will do the exact same job and it will be efficient as any other.  You can also easily see that the models we have suggested are very well made out of high quality materials and are made by the most reliable manufacturers out there.

All in all, each choice you make from this list will be a good one. You will save money and you will get the job done easily.