Setting Up a Reloading Press

Setting Up a Reloading Press

When it comes to assembling a reloading press, you have to take into consideration a few important factors. All items involved should be efficient in order to make the whole process go smoothly.

The reloading press mount should be in tiptop form, the bench should be effective and the press should be attached securely to the mount. Here are some steps for properly affixing a reloading press to a bench.

  1. Determine the space on the bench in which you want to position the reloading press and make sure that there is sufficient space to move about and that nothing will block your elbows and feet while you are at work. It is ideal if you set aside a minimum of 8-10 inches of empty bench space on all sides and at the back of the press so you can place your tools there for easy access.
  2. Place the press in your preferred area on the bench and secure it in position for the time being. Operate its handle to its fullest in order to see that interference will not take place while using the press. If need be, move the unit a little from the border in order to offer clearance for all movable components. Do not move it all the way though so you still get lots of support from the bench.
  3. Mark the mounting holes’ spots on the bench while fastening the press securely so it will not move an inch.
  4. Work the clamps loose and take away the press. Drill the holes in the areas you have marked by means of a drill or any kind of rotary device with a boring feature. Use bolts with the largest diameters that the holes can take in then drill those holes for a more secure fit on the bolts.
  5. Change the press and bring its mounting holes in line with the bench holes then fasten tightly.
  6. Position a flat washer on every bolt then drive them through the holes in the bench and press. Knock on the bolts with the use of a hammer if required. Place a fender washer then a lock washer next and finally a hex nut on every end of the bolt where it juts out from the bench’s bottom. Secure these nuts tightly.
  7. Take away the clamps. Now you can work on the press and the reloading press mounts easily.

Reloading Advantages

There are lots of reasons why many gun owners are now performing reloading procedures on their own ammunition. One of the reasons is that it allows users to save money when they reload their own bullets. It enables them to recycle the brass and accomplish the procedures by themselves.

Many in fact enjoy the processes involved and they invest in the best equipment including presses, dies and a quality reloading press mount.

Customize Your Ammo Ingredients

By reloading your own ammunition, you will be granted the chance to customize ingredients based on how you want your ammo to perform and work most efficiently with your choice weapons. Depending on the kind of primer used, it might have a range of effects as soon as you point and shoot.

The same goes for the powder used on the bullets as well. There are even people who do research and concoct their own formulas in order to make their ammo perform precisely.

Trying out a variety of formulas will enable you to determine the proper quantity and measurements so you can get the appropriate amount and capacities to make shooting a better experience for you.

Ability to Create Obscure Ammo

Reloading your own ammo will also allow you to make use of obscure ammo. Let’s say you have an old model gun at home that you want to use but there are no modern-day bullets that will suit said firearms. By using a reloading press, you can acquire a source for that little-known ammunition. Reloading will allow you to make use of the gun again.

There are also certain bullets that are not available in particular locations. If the gun store in your locality does not sell the bullets you usually use, reloading will easily solve your issues.

Owning a reloading press at home will not only save you money, it will also save you time waiting for orders since you can prep up empty brasses by yourself without going through all the processes involved in ordering them.