The RCBS Partner Press Review – a Reloading Press for Every Shooter

The RCBS Partner Press Review – a Reloading Press for Every Shooter

Do you like to reload your bullets and you don’t want to make a big deal out of it? Do you want to save money while making the perfect and most accurate bullets? We have the perfect product if you can find yourself among those people.

The RCBS partner press is a wonderful solution if you want to find a reloading press that will be extremely durable and it will do the job efficiently. In addition, it is also very compact and you can carry it around and resize most rifle cases.

This reloading press became famous because many beginners have started their reloading hobby thanks to it. Its small dimensions make it perfect for traveling and carrying it around. It also has a compound leverage system, linkages made of steel and it includes an arm for priming that will prevent you from having to have a different priming tool.

Even if you already have a reloading press, the partner press can be used as a backup press or as a plan B on your working bench.  It provides a great option for a range press or as a secondary specialty load press for other operations.

However, know that even though it is small in size – it is super strong and it can still reload a larger


Being small in size, the RCBS partner press has the following characteristics that make it useful and authentic and possibly perfect for your working bench:

  • It weighs 4.5 pounds
  • It has a large entry level press
  • It works on a system of compound leverage
  • It has steel linkages
  • It has an Aluminum cast
  • It has a Priming arm
  • It has a small size that makes it highly helpful for range usage
  • It can reload most of the standard calibers


There are a lot of benefits from obtaining the mentioned reloading press, and we have chosen and separated the ones that are most important and will most likely satisfy your needs:

  • It is highly durable
  • It is a very good choice for beginners in the reloading hobby
  • It can be easily transported to the range due to its small size and weight
  • It can be used for most calibers
  • It is made from high quality materials
  • It has a priming arm
  • It can be used for heavy duty resizing


Among the possible negative effects of having the RCBS partner press are the following:

  • The primer catching tray can be easily displaced or gets stuck on the shell holder
  • It can malfunction during decapping or priming
  • Sometimes attaching the primer arm can be tricky because it involves usage of force which has to be done correctly, otherwise there is a risk of damaging the pin head
  • In some cases, the buyer and user of this product might need to mount and install the proper primer cup according to its size


It is safe to say that the RCBS partner press is a very handy device you will need around you if you enjoy reloading your bullets. You can carry it around on the range because it is very light and small. It almost promises a good work being done without any fuss or problems.

And it doesn’t matter what kind of caliber do you have, it will most likely be applicable to it. As a helpful side it has a primer arm which will deprive you from the experience of having to engage in an additional operating with another tool.

What you get by getting this reloading press is an item that will probably last much longer than you expected because it is made from highest quality materials and it will handle all transportation from one place to another.  Additionally due to the small size it has, you will be able to put it almost anywhere without taking up your whole working bench.

Especially if you are a beginner and you want to learn how to reload and you want to take your time without investing in much more expensive reloading presses – this tool will give you the reloading experience while being very user friendly and you will learn to reload your bullets in no time!

However, it has a small problem regarding the arm primer. We believe it could be said that the quality of the arm primer is a small price to pay when you compare the whole deal you are getting.

Even if you have to fix it a few times while operating with the press, then again you are fully deprived of the torture of having to operate with a different tool in the same time.

And regarding the mounting of the arm primer, it is notable that you only do this action once – when you get the press, so even if it takes some time and a struggle, the whole experience with the reloading press will be worth it. After all, the owner’s manual is rather helpful and you will find yourself knowing how to mount it easily.

Lastly, there is basically no serious negative effects of having the RCBS partner press. The deprimingis excellent and you will have reloaded a whole round in no time. The enjoyment is almost guaranteed!


It doesn’t matter if you are new to the reloading hobby or you want to have a tool on the side to be as helpful as any other while saving you from the moment of emptying your wallet.  Not only will the RCBS partner press be a good choice for your budget, it will also get the job done effectively.

Pack your bags and go shooting because this reloading press is so easy to carry around you will most likely forget you have it with you.

Also, you will find yourself enjoying when you resize the developing loads because all in all it does a tidy and effective job.

Even if you already have a reloading press, this press can be an excellent choice for a second press that will be a helpful buddy around your bench.

After all, the RCBS partner press will be your life-long reloading partner for sure!